| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Most prominent decisions of the Supreme Defense Council

The Supreme Defense Council held a meeting today (Tuesday) in the Baabda Palace, headed by President Aoun and attended by PM Diab along many ministers.

During the meeting the Council addressed agenda topics, and took the following decisions:

  1. Demanding military and security agencies to maintain necessary readiness to prevent some breaches of security to destabilize the security situation due to financial, economic and living conditions, especially regarding road blocking or encroaching on public and private properties.
  2. Requesting Ministries of Public Works and Public Health to take necessary measures to expedite and facilitate the process of conducting PCR tests for travelers arriving at Rafic Hariri International Airport.
  3. Requesting the Public Works Ministry, especially the general Directorate of Civil Aviation, to complete necessary procedures to facilitate the movement of passengers and ensure their comfort as soon as possible.
  4. Requesting the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, in coordination with the airport security apparatus, to address the problems which occur between passengers, employees and workers, in light of the laws in force, while taking necessary measures against violators.
  5. Requesting the Finance Minister to coordinate with the Defense and Interior Ministers to find ways to support the military and security apparatuses, especially in light of the deteriorating financial and economic conditions.
  6. Assigning the energy Minister, based on the national strategy for oil installations on the Lebanese coast prepared by the ministry, to draw-up the necessary report within a maximum period of one month to assess the standards and conditions of public health and safety. Accordingly, requesting concerned companies to take the necessary action in accordance with the requirements and time period set by the ministry, and in case companies do not respond, security assistance to implement the necessary will be requested through the General Secretariat of the Supreme Defense Council.

  • NNA