| 23 July 2024, Tuesday |

MP Hawat calls for electing a president who brings together all the Lebanese

MP Ziad Al-Hawat emphasized, Sunday, that a basic and pivotal entitlement to build a strong state awaits us, adding, “I promise the fallen martyrs that we will spare no effort to build a new state and elect a president of the republic who resembles the martyrs, unites all the Lebanese, affirms Lebanon’s neutrality and sovereignty, and rebuilds institutions under the judiciary and the law.”

Hawat’s words came during his participation in the Mass service in tribute to the fallen martyrs of the Lebanese resistance held this morning by the Lebanese Forces’ Qartaba branch in the “Monastery of Mar Sarkis and Bacchus” in the town of Qartaba.

He considered that the martyrs of the Lebanese resistance sacrificed their lives “so that Lebanon remains a sovereign, free and independent country,” and so that “the national flag remains hoisted in the mountain peaks of the Lebanese villages and towns,” and so that “we remain steadfast in our land.”

The MP concluded by stressing that “we have a great duty to meet with all those who resemble the fallen martyrs, to work as one heart and hand, and to stay away from petty matters, trivialities and selfishness, in order to build a homeland in which we can stay with our children.”

  • NNA