| 23 October 2021, Saturday |

MP Sethrida Geagea chairs meeting to monitor Bcharreh Governmental Hospital’s rehabilitation efforts

MP Sethrida Geagea convened a meeting in Maarab to discuss the current developments in the second and final phase of the Antoine El Khoury Malika Tawk – Bcharreh Governmental Hospital’s rehabilitation.

The meeting was attended by: MP Joseph Ishak, Vice President of the “Jabal Al-Arz Foundation” Dr. Laila Geagea, Treasurer of the “Jabal Al-Arz Foundation”, Mayor Fadi Chidiac, member of the General Authority of the “Jabal Al-Arz Foundation” Nadim Salameh, the engineer sponsored by the “Jabal Al-Arz Foundation” to follow up on the project, Assaad Kayrouz, the engineer assigned by the two deputies of the judiciary to follow up on projects in the region, Joseph El-Safi, and the assistant of MP Geagea Romanos El-Chaar.

Engineers Salameh and Kayrouz updated the meeting on the project’s newest business developments and its current stage. They also discussed some emergency works that must be completed, which will raise the project’s cost, the most important of which are: the modification of services in the existing infrastructure within the building, which obstruct the work’s progress, and some additional work in the reinforcement as a result of excavation near the building’s foundations.