| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

MPs who received the COVID-19 vaccine

Lebanon’s today scandal: Vaccinating 16 Lebanese MPs, prompting accusations of corruption and line-jumping in the country’s vaccination program, especially since some of them are under the age of 70 and do not fall under the target groups.

A list of the names of MPs who received the Covid-19 vaccine is being circulated in the Parliament, and are, namely:

Elie Ferzli
Salim Saadeh
Yassin Jaber
Anis Nassar
Assaad Hardan
Anwar El Khalil
Michel Moussa
Fayez Ghosn
Albert Mansour
Abdel Rahim Mrad
Wehbeh Katisha
Mustafa El Husseiny
Ali Osseiran
Nicolas Nahhas
Ghazi Zaiter

In addition to 5 Parliament’s staff, namely:
Adnan Daher
Riad Ghanem
Mohammad Musa
Nicolas Menassa
Simon Mouawad


  • Sawt Beirut International