| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

Mufti AL-Juzu: To establish a just civil state

The Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Juzu, called for “the change of the failed Lebanese system throughout history, and establishing a civil state that equals all citizens, and that the sectarianism of the first positions and jobs be abolished, and the freedom of each sect to exercise its right to worship God according to its faith,” and denounced “this The strange and weird that makes the Muslim an  enemy to the Muslim, and the Christian an enemy the Christian,” stressing that “things will not work out, except by overthrowing sectarianism  in Lebanon and establishing a just civil state that respects the humanity of man before respecting his sectarian affiliation.”

He added: “The recent experience, in choosing President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, came to prove the mixing of concepts, and that self-interests are what brings presidents, and not the people who choose their president, so the system and the election law must be changed to be on modern, civilized and moral foundations.”

He added: “Unfortunately, the Arabs abandoned us thanks to Aoun’s reckless policy and Hezbollah’s clumsy policy, which led to  Iran’s control of Lebanon, and impoverished us as it impoverished Iraq, and sowed hatred between Shiites and Shiites, Sunnis and Shiites, and working today to impoverish the Arab Gulf, blackmail Saudi Arabia and drain our wealth in Yemen’s absurd wars, which became the catastrophe of disasters in the Arab world.”

He added: “Lebanon cannot survive while mired in sectarian hatreds that threaten it externally and internally.”