| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

Mufti Derian to Aoun: Try to save the last breath of your mandate

The Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian inaugurated the Muhammad Al-Basatneh Mosque in Chatila Roundabout – Beirut in the presence of the Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, current and Former ministers and Parliament Members, and many political, religious, social, cultural, educational, military and media figures, businessmen, members of the Sharia Council, governors and mayors.

“Thank God, we’re still building mosques today. We actively contribute to the preservation of the homeland and its stability, and we do not engage in causing disturbances, endangering stability, or violating coexistence standards. The Lebanese’s lives are squandered in light of these consultations and meetings.”

The political, social, and living turmoil in which we find ourselves is terrible, and it affects everyone. It also burdens the citizen, who suffers both while waiting. False witnesses to what is going on in our country necessitate a severe and immediate response, and patching will not suffice. This patchwork is to blame for the explosion in Beirut’s port, the explosion of a fuel tanker in Akkar, and clashes erupting in various Lebanese communities, so let us put an end to our perplexity. Otherwise, things will get much worse and we will reach total collapse.”

“The Presidency of the Government is no less significant or deserving of respect than any other presidential office in Lebanon,” he stated. Respecting it is a responsibility, and we are committed to ensuring that this position is maintained in order to maintain the balance between the three presidencies.

The insistence on this approach by some in the judiciary – with which we do not interfere – offends the origins of the concept of dealing with the Third Presidency in the case of the Beirut Port Blast, so let all immunities be lifted by passing a law from Parliament in this regard, and justice take its course.

We must rise above the nonsense that comes with every designate, as it did with President Najib Mikati’s, who came at the request of the deputies who named him, on the recommendation of former prime ministers, and with the blessing of Dar Al-Fatwa, which does not discriminate between its sons, but rather wishes the best for all. In such a country where the Islamic-Christian coexistence prevails, we refuse to distinguish between one Lebanese and another, and what is being said today that the Muslim names the Muslim minister, and the Christian names the Christian in the future government, is a dangerous and separate matter, and it should be addressed.

  • Sawt Beirut International