| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Mufti Juzu: Will Iran let go of Lebanon, so it can overcome its ordeal?

The Grand Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Juzu, considered that “the cause for the Lebanese people disaster, economically, morally and humanly, is the responsibility  of some of those who stood in Parliament and talked a lot about the tragedy, as if it has happened very recently, and other senior politicians who rushed in a brutal way to loot the state’s funds that are entrusted to them, without being deterred by conscience or morals.”

He pointed out in a statement, that “Lebanon has experienced a long history of corruption, until it reached this stage, so it is necessary to hold these people accountable for what they have committed historically and currently, that harmed this country and its perception, ” considering that “the most important reason, is the emergence of Iran, and declaring a fierce war against Iraq, then these wars extend to Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, and exposing these Arab countries to ruin, destruction and mass casualties, under the pretext of spreading Shiism. It was the strife that destroyed everything, and drowned all Arab peoples in seas of blood, and sowed hatred between Sunnis and Shiites, and the hidden hatred that the Persians have always had for the Arabs.”

Juzu added: “Now that Lebanon has reached rock bottom and Aoun has disrupted political life for several years, a new government has emerged under the slogan of saving Lebanon. Will Iran lift its hand of Lebanon, so that Lebanon and the Lebanese people can get out of their ordeal? The government has new ministers, some of whom have political, health, economic, foreign and media experience, where they can use their national history by working to liberate Lebanon, and save it from poverty and hunger. Will Iran leave them to do that, or does it want to convey to us the failed Iranian experience and disrupt the course of the Lebanese state?