| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Muhammad Salam: Bahaa Hariri wants to restore Beirut’s golden age

Muhammad Salam, Chief in charge of mobilization and guidance for “Beirut to prevail” list, supported by “Sawa Li Lubnan,” was a guest of journalist Deniz Rahma Fakhri, in the first episode of her program “electoral dialogue” via “Sawt Beirut International.”

At the beginning of the dialogue, Salam confirmed that Prime Minister Saad Hariri did not call for anyone to boycott the elections, pointing out that His Eminence, the Grand Mufti of the Republic, repeated in his Eid sermon what he had said previously, his call for a massive turnout for the polls, and specified that the polls should not take place for the corrupt, saying: “Vote for the benefit of the nation.” . He added that everyone who said that Prime Minister Saad Hariri called for a boycott is at least a “liar” or “malicious.”

Salam added that the Sunni community and Beirut suffer completely from emotional and mental dispersion, explaining that emotional dispersion is “people are related to President Saad Hariri,” while mental dispersion is “they consider that if we boycott the elections, the result will be nullified and we will impose on the international and Arab community that boycotted Saad Hariri, to bring him back.”

He pointed out that the “malicious” proportional law is being paid for today, because it was specifically designed to prevent the unity of lists.

Salam pointed out that every Sunni in Beirut who does not vote is a traitor, and sells Beirut to Hezbollah, adding that we have tried to explain to the Beirutis that “intransigence” does not help, and this “intransigence” will allow the Persian occupation party to be the legitimate elected party of Beirut.

Considering that this time the Beirouti is motivated to go to the elections on May 15, because he is going to a war of survival. He added that according to the Beiruti convictions, the golden age of Beirut after the war is the era of the martyred Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and therefore, today there is someone who wants to revive this project, which is his son Sheikh Bahaa Hariri.

He pointed out that Sheikh Baha did not run for elections, but rather supported people, saying that those who run for elections are equal among “small” people, while those who make candidates and presidents are “great”. He added that the leader is greater than a position in power and is the maker of presidents.

Salam saw that when an alliance between illegal weapons and corruption gangs existed, there was no longer any implementation of the law.

  • Sawt Beirut International