| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

Nassar: My non-participation in tomorrow’s cabinet session stems from my keenness on political stability to ensure tourism steadiness

Caretaker Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, considered that “the current stage in the country requires more awareness and concern for political and security stability,” adding, “I have always called, through my media appearances and the events in which I participated, for securing this stability, which in turn contributes to the stability and prosperity of the tourism sector and protecting it from any turmoil that threatens its livelihood, which would in turn reflect negatively on the national economy.”

He added: “Based on this, I have informed Prime Minister Najib Mikati that I will not attend the cabinet session tomorrow, Monday, with my certainty of the PM’s keenness on this stability and managing the stage with his wisdom, awareness and patriotic sense.”

Nassar also called for concerted efforts of all Lebanese parties and their cooperation to get out of the crises in the country, and  to render this winter season a success at the touristic level in Lebanon.

  • NNA