| 29 May 2022, Sunday |

New fuel grid postponed

The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, revealed only a new price schedule for fuel before the parliamentary elections, stressing that the quantities needed to meet the market’s needs in the coming days are available at the stations.

He pointed out, in a radio interview, that it is necessary to adhere to the price schedule issued by the Ministry of Energy, and stressed that adjusting prices according to the daily exchange rate of the dollar exposes the violating station to danger and prosecution in the absence of an official decision allowing it to do so.

The fuel market in Lebanon is witnessing a state of instability, which the government deals with by issuing a weekly price bulletin issued by the Ministry of Energy and Water, according to which prices vary, in addition to the instability of prices within the week as well.

Gasoline and diesel prices rose on Tuesday for the second time in May.

The price of a can of gasoline (20 liters) of “octane 98” (lead free) increased from 495,000 to 518 thousand Lebanese pounds, and the price of a can of “octane 95” gasoline from 484 thousand to 507 thousand pounds.

  • Sawt Beirut International