| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

New rise in fuel prices !

A new table of fuel prices was issued, which noted an increase, especially for diesel, and it is as follows:

Raising the price of a 95-octane canister of 2000 pounds to become 679,000 pounds
Raising the price of a 98-octane gas canister of 2000 pounds to become 690,000 pounds
The price of a diesel fuel tank increased by 17 thousand pounds to reach 779,000 pounds
Raising the price of a gas bottle by 6 thousand pounds to become 362,000 pounds.

The representative of fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, indicated that there is no fuel crisis, revealing that the issue of gasoline is heading towards a solution at the beginning of the week.

In an interview with LBCI, he explained that there is a ship unloading its cargo into the tanks of oil importing companies, and there are also goods at some companies.

He said, “We are in contact with the owners of the companies, who confirmed that they will start distributing the goods to the stations, starting at six in the morning.”

In an interview with Voice of Lebanon 100.5, Abu Chakra confirmed that the Banque du Liban will continue to secure funds to support gasoline.


  • Sawt Beirut International