| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

“No ceiling for gasoline price, queues are likely to increase today,” says Brax

The member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners George Brax confirmed that the queues will increase today.

He added in a television interview: “There is no ceiling for the price of gasoline, and the matter is related to the dollar exchange rate and the global oil prices. We are in a state of war and in an exceptional situation, and no one knows what might happen.”

It is noteworthy that the scene of ‘humiliation queues’ in front of gas stations was repeated over the weekend, as dozens of cars lined up to fill up gasoline due to a possible shortage in this commodity, and a significant rise in the fuel price schedule for this week, especially after the price of a barrel of oil globally surpassed $118.

However, this rush was met with some assurances that there is no gasoline crisis, especially that there are ships loaded with oil derivatives will arrive in Lebanon, and will unload their cargo as soon as credits are opened by the Central Bank, and there is sufficient stock in the companies until that time.

But can the citizen believe this and be reassured, especially after their sufferings at gas stations at a previous time, along with the Central Bank’s delay in opening credits? Therefore, storing remains the best way to confront this situation, according to citizens.