| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

“No diesel crisis,” reassures Abou Chakra

Fuel Distributors Representative Fadi Abou Chakra confirmed in a call with the “National News Agency” on Sunday, that “there is no diesel oil crisis”, in wake of circulating news that a ship carrying 42 thousand tons of diesel was subjected to a marine accident near the coast of Amchit due to strong winds.

Abou Chakra said: “There is no crisis in fuel oil because of this incident, and I made a call with the Head of Oil Importing Companies Group, Maroun Al-Shamas, who confirmed that the ship, which had a normal malfunction due to weather conditions, will be towed to Beirut.”

He added that “the ship will be unloaded within 48 hours, and there is a second ship loaded with diesel coming to Lebanon,” reassuring that “diesel will be available during the next week and there is no crisis but a shortage because of the huge demand due to the cold weather.”

Finally, Abou Chakra hoped that “all roads would be accessible in mountainous areas,” in wake of the snow storm that has hit Lebanon recently.


  • NNA