| 4 March 2024, Monday |

“No need to panic, gasoline is available in sufficient quantities,” Brax says

Member of Gas Station Owners Syndicate George Brax confirmed that “at the present time, there is no gasoline and diesel shortage.”

“Do not disgrace yourself in lines in front of the stations,” he said, “because supplies are accessible in the storage and are sufficient for 15 days. Moreover, many ships will arrive in Lebanon in the coming days.”

“The statement published by the Banque du Liban is genuine, and it has provided solutions to the dilemma, and it will start giving approvals to the ships that will begin unloading in the next hours,” Brax said during a televised interview..

Because of the regular intimidation and bribery they face, the scene of Lebanese citizens queuing in front of gas stations replays on a daily basis.

This is due to the worsening of the fuel crisis and the continuance of divisions among Lebanese political figures over the government’s formation.

  • Sawt Beirut International