| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

North Lebanon Water Establishment declares a state of emergency

The North Lebanon Water Establishment announced “a state of extreme emergency and rationing programs affecting the process of pumping and distributing water.”

It issued a statement confirming that “in view of the financial and economic conditions that the country is going through and the negative impact of the obscene rise in the prices of materials, spare parts and oil derivatives on the work of the Corporation, in addition to the unprecedented sharp rationing of the electric current, the scarcity of diesel and gasoline in the markets, and the decline in the readiness and ability of electric generators to Filling the shortfall in the electric current and ensuring the continuity of the work of water pumping stations and artesian wells in various Lebanese regions”.

It added: “The North Lebanon Water Establishment ‎ informs the honorable citizens that it will unfortunately have to declare a state of extreme emergency and implement rationing programs that affect the process of pumping and distributing water in residential areas located within the scope of its investment in the North and Akkar governorates.”

  • Sawt Beirut International