| 23 September 2021, Thursday |

North owners of bakeries: Provid us with diesel to secure bread

Syndicate of Owners of Ovens in North LebanonAn held an emergency meeting, to discuss the issue of diesel fuel loss from the furnace tanks, with the participation of the General Labor Union represented by Captain Shadi Al-Sayed and the Syndicate of Kiln Workers in the North, Taher Takhdar.

The head of the Bakery Owners Syndicate in the north, Abdullah Al-Mir, spoke, pointing out that “the problem today is twofold. There is a shortage of diesel and flour, as the amount of flour delivered by mills has decreased under the pretext of a lack of diesel. Therefore, we call on the relevant ministries and security services to work on solving this problem.”

Al-Sayed confirmed that “The General Labor Union refused to ration bread for people,” and pointed out that “a number of bakeries were closed in Tripoli, and this is unacceptable, while some bakeries are not threatened and raw materials are available to them, starting with diesel.”

He stressed that “the bakeries are the source of bread for the rich, poor, employee and various segments of society, and that this issue is a matter of life, so we will go to the companies we know that they store diesel to achieve equal distribution.”

The meeting had demanded, in a statement, to “accelerate the provision of fuel oil to the bakeries in order to be able to secure bread to the citizen, without trouble, especially since a number of bakeries have closed their doors and gone out of service and production, while That there are a number of bakeries preparing to close their doors due to the loss of diesel fuel.”

The meeting declared that “the first responsible for this sector is the Ministry of Economy, especially as it is the first source of diesel and flour vouchers, calling on the security services to “secure access of the fuel tanks to the bakeries,” apologizing to the citizens for their “inability to follow up in such circumstances.”