| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Okeis: Elections must be held no matter what.

Member of the Strong Republic, Representative Georges Okeis, affirmed that “holding elections is a necessity, a duty, and a supreme national interest, and preconditions should not be imposed on this process, such as the weather and others, and these elections must be held no matter what.”
Okeis pointed out via a radio interview, that “whoever strikes this due lead, harms the higher interest and must be held accountable before the Lebanese people. There is no clear text on the issue of quorum, and there are norms where the quorum is calculated on the basis of current representatives and persons, not seats.”
He added: “Those who threaten to appeal have other fundamental reasons, and developed countries do not limit a number of specific seats for expatriates who must participate in the production of political power, and be able to participate by choosing the 128 deputies.”
Okeis continued: “The expatriates have the right to express their political opinion, and depriving them of this right will prompt us to appeal, and those responsible for negligence must be held accountable.”