| 23 February 2024, Friday |

“Omicron” Tsunami .. How can classes be resumed safely in schools ?

Health Minister Firas Abyad tweeted: “At the Ministry of Education and Higher Education meeting, the important question was not whether schools should remain closed due to the Omicron tsunami, but the question is how to safely resume lessons, for students, teachers, administrators, families and society in general.

He added: “Schools must ensure that everyone follows safety measures, the most important of which is wearing a face mask. The families and the communities’ behavior in the past few days has not been a good example. In winter, it will be difficult to use natural ventilation to keep air clean and prevent the spread of the virus.”

Abyad pointed out that the vaccination rate in schools is still low, but efforts are underway to address this issue. Vaccines have proven to be an effective tool against severe infections. However, many parents are still hesitant and unwilling to allow their children to be vaccinated. that’s unfortunate.

He explained that the availability of rapid diagnosis using the Ag Rapid scan can help. False negative results and asymptomatic carriers hamper containment efforts. Opening schools will inevitably facilitate the spread of the virus. Can the overburdened health system handle that issue?

In short, what is more expensive, keeping schools closed or open? Psychologically and educationally, the students have no interest in staying at home. Society needs to move forward. For unvaccinated adults, this can be expected to be a challenging journey. This is also a lesson we all should learn.”Abyad concluded.