| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Order of Nurses appeals to citizens to receive the vaccine, adhere to preventive measures

The Order of Nurses council held its periodic meeting to discuss the administrative matters and demands related to the profession.

The Order highlighted in a statement “the dangerous health reality as a result of the fourth Covid-19 wave, as expectations indicate that the number of infected people will reach thousands after the holidays, similar to what happened last year, which is a worrying matter due to the conditions that Lebanon is going through, especially the deteriorating economic conditions.”

The statement pointed out that “the hospitalization cost has soared dramatically, and not all patients can afford medical treatment. This negative indicator is added to the hospital’s capacity and readiness and the conditions of the medical staff especially the nurses who are exhausted from the pressures they are exposed to, which foreshadows serious repercussions that Lebanon and the Lebanese cannot afford.”

The Order appealed to “all the Lebanese to take the utmost degree of prevention, receive the vaccine, and refrain from social gatherings in the coming period, in order for the holidays to be blessed, happy and safe, and for the year 2022 to start peacefully away from health tragedies, as the sense of responsibility solely leads to salvation.”

  • Sawt Beirut International