| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Order of Nurses warns again against the danger of Covid-19

The Order of Nurses has warned again against the danger of Covid-19, indicating that the soaring number of Covid-19 infections and deaths as well as the mutated Omicron poses a great threat to the Lebanese society, noting that the number of inoculated people has not exceeded 35% of the population to date, therefore the health of the citizen is still in danger.”

With the coming festive season, the Order asked in a statement the citizens to be responsible, warning them of the consequences of carelessness, whose repercussions will impact their families and loved ones severely. The Order reminded people of the need to adhere to the preventive instructions such as wearing masks, washing hands, physical distancing, avoiding crowded places, and most importantly receiving the available vaccine according to the Ministry of Public Health’s plan.”

The Order added: “Health is a shared responsibility, as the nursing sector is engaged in confronting the pandemic, and has put its capabilities in full readiness, but cooperation and community commitment remain the only way to reduce the severity of the epidemic.

  • Sawt Beirut International