| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Owners and investors of gas filling companies waving with closure.. to a daily price installation schedule

Head of gas filling companies’ owners and investors, Antoine Yameen, demanded “a daily price synthesis schedule according to the dollar exchange rate, under severe closure.” He pointed out, “We have been incurring losses since the beginning of the dollar’s rise, and we are no longer able to continue.”

He pointed out via a radio interview that “the loss in each gas bottle is 10,000 pounds,” noting that “the calamity falls on the people and on us as well.”

It is noteworthy that on Tuesday morning, the price of a gas bottle rose (+26,200) LBP, and thus became 345,500 LBP, after it was 319,300 LBP last Tuesday.

Yesterday, the Syndicate of Owners and Investors of Domestic Gas Filling Companies demanded the issuance of a daily price-fixing schedule according to the dollar exchange rate. The union, headed by Antoine Yammine, confirmed in a statement that “the owners of these factories suffer losses that they cannot bear on a weekly basis.”