| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Owners of generators in Aley and the neighborhood: complete shutdown, starting tomorrow

In a statement to the people of the area, “the owners of private generators in Jurd Aley area and the neighborhood,” pointed out that “after all that things have come to of a constant shortage of fuel oil and the refusal of private companies and distributors to hand over the material to the generator owners on the pretext that the quantity has run out, and after the meeting that was held in the building of Union of Municipalities of Al-Jurd Al-Ala with heads of the villages in the area and its mayors, during which the union appealed to us to help in securing the fuel oil for the generators, and after our reserve quantities run out, we inform you that the generators will be completely OFF from tomorrow until the required quantities are secured In which we put a detailed schedule to the president of the union and the honorable members.”

He explained, “We are in the process of handing over the keys of our generators to the president of the union this evening, so that each municipality operates the generators within its scope of work until radical solutions are reached, and we are aware enough that there is no answer, no accountability, and no one who cares, not from the ministries.” concerned, nor from the state.”

And he concluded: “We ask God to have mercy on us all, and that this raging storm that is ravaging the country passes, and we reach safety soon.”

  • Sawt Beirut International