| 17 July 2024, Wednesday |

Parents of students in foreign universities: To keep student dollar law away from disputes

“Lebanese Association of Parents of Students in Foreign Universities” appealed to President Michel Aoun “to embrace the students and provide them with hope in their exile, by initiating the signing of the Student Dollar Law, and expediting its publication in the Official Gazette, so it will help them and their families in their struggle for Lebanon, as it remains a beacon of knowledge.”

It also appealed to the political forces to keep this law away from quarrels and facilitate its implementation, and to contribute to putting pressure on the banking system to force it to respect the constitution and implement the laws in force.

It indicated that “ after a month on the approval of House of Representatives, in its session held on December 7, 2021, for a proposal to an expedited amendment to the Student Dollar Law 193, which was demanded by the association to include all years of study for Lebanese students who pursue their studies abroad before the year 2020, the people were finally surprised by what was reported by the media about the President of the Republic’s failure to sign the amended law, which has the character of urgency, the association considered it a matter far from the interest of our sons who did not and will not accept them to be victims of conflicts and political strife, they are the sons of this country in all its sincere and sacrificial meanings for the sake of Lebanon and its glory.”