| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Parliament Speaker Berri receives Arab foreign ministers in presence of Aboul Gheit

House Speaker Nabih Berri stressed, during his meeting with the Arab foreign ministers in the presence of Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit, that “Lebanon will not forget its Arab brothers, nor will it forget the Taif, Doha or Kuwait…but today Lebanon yearns for its Arab brethrens and hopes for them to get to the heart of Lebanon’s suffering…”

“Lebanon is not at all a bankrupt country. Rather, it is in a state of cessation of payment and possesses all the elements of revival and resurrection from crises if the sincere intentions of its sons, alongside its Arab brothers and friends in the world, are available,” Berri affirmed.

“Alongside its expatriate community spread out in the Arab states and all the countries of the world, who constitute an important human, cultural and financial tributary that can be a pivotal factor in its advancement, Lebanon possesses water, oil and gas wealth found in our sea, especially at our borders with occupied Palestine, where indirect negotiations are taking place through the United Nations and the American mediator, and these talks are in a state of development,” the Speaker went on.

“Lebanon is rich and capable of accepting projects and investment in the field of electricity and the establishment of oil refineries,” he asserted.

On the issue of Syria and developments related to the Palestinian cause and Israeli attacks, Berri said: “Today, while you are in Lebanon, we miss, in this Arab ministerial meeting, Syria, which was exposed at dawn to a new Israeli aggression via Lebanon’s airspace. What is required of your meeting is a condemnation at the least…Another thing that all Arabs must realize is that there are no Arabs without Palestine, and Arabism ends with the end of Palestine. We have to be aware of what is planned for Jerusalem and Palestine…Jerusalem is not a piece of land, it is a piece of heaven!”

He concluded by cautioning that, “any negligence in this sacred geographical spot will surely trigger unfortunate consequences within each of our countries.”

In turn, Aboul Gheit, on behalf of the delegation, thanked Lebanon and Speaker Berri for hosting this consultative meeting, stressing that “its convening in Lebanon is a message of support for Lebanon’s people and institutions, especially in this difficult circumstance that requires courage to take a decision.”

On a different note, the House Speaker received this afternoon the former Deputy Governor of Lebanon’s Central Bank, Mohammad Baasiri, with the general conditions at the financial and economic levels topping their discussions.

  • NNA