| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri makes a “heavy” statement in response to Republic’s Presidency!

The Parliamentary Presidency released the following statement:

“On behalf of the Lebanese people, I made and continue to make decisions. The nomination of the Prime minister is outside the President of the Republic’s will. Rather, it is the result of a decision made by the Members of Parliament, i.e., the legislative authority, and the designated Prime Minister is the one who conducts parliamentary consultations to form the government (in conformity with Article 64 of the Constitution).”

“I have every right to try to assist the PM-designate with any initiative he may come up with at his request.”

“The President of the Republic, who has the authority to sign the formation decree in collaboration with its President, has expressed a strong desire to do so and dispatched multiple letters in that regard. Without my personal presence, several meetings have been held in the Republican Palace and elsewhere to ensure the success of the so-called Berri initiative.”

“The country is falling to pieces, the institutions are deteriorating, people are suffocating, and the Constantinople wall is crashing. Not to mention your disapproval for an initiative backed by the West, the East and all Lebanese parties, except your honorable party, thus you made the statement yesterday frankly saying we do not want Saad Hariri as Prime Minister.”

“As long as the number of Ministers was raised to 24, you were satisfied. As long as the interior issue was settled till you insisted on eight ministers plus two appointed by the President of the Republic (who does not enjoy a constitutional right to have one minister, as he does not participate in voting, so how can he have votes in an indirect way?)” the statement concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International