| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

Pharmaceutical crisis is political par excellence, and the explosion is near.

Head of The Syndicate of Pharmacists Ghassan Al-Amin confirmed that ““80% of the pharmacies that have not closed can no longer withstand and the explosion has become so close.”

During a radio interview, Amin stressed that “the Pharmacists Syndicate raises the voice, not the executive authority,” adding that “matters are not dealt with fairly, and the state should continue in supporting medicine.”

He declared that ” separating the pharmacist’s royalty issue from the price of medicine, is a must”, noting that “the crisis is political par excellence, and it is the Ministry of Health that sets the priorities in the matter of medicine.” He pointed out, “it is important to know the amount of money available in Banque du Liban.” Stressing that “we must succeed in the issue of priorities, and we must face the status- quo wisely.”