| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Pharmacists Syndicate warns: Smuggled medicines overrun Lebanese markets

Syndicate of Pharmacists, Joe Salloum’ media office, indicated that “in light of the successive crises that afflict the health sector in Lebanon, especially the pharmaceutical sector, Salloum warns against the massive invasion of smuggled medicines in the Lebanese markets, especially Turkish ones, which enter Lebanon without any surveillance, and it is now being sold openly in shops and through electronic communication sites.”

It added that “the largest part of these medicines are counterfeit, and the other part has become a deadly poison due to the failure to preserve it in the correct ways and the imposed health standards,” calling on “all concerned, especially the security and judicial agencies, to stop this farce and adopt the syndicate’s strategy by providing good medicine for patients.” And called for “providing all financial support to the Ministry of Health in order to secure medicines, especially cancer medicines that cannot be postponed.”

  • Sawt Beirut International