| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Poultry Syndicate says products are sold lower than their real cost

The Lebanese Poultry Syndicate appealed to officials asking them to take measures immediately to save the poultry sector, “which is incurring huge losses and exhausting producers, especially small farmers.”

The Secretary General of the Syndicate William Boutros revealed that the sector’s products are sold less than their real cost. He said that the cost of production for each egg is 1,500 LPB, while it is sold in the farm for 1,000 LBP. The same case for chicken, where the cost of each kilogram is 24,000 LBP, while it is sold for 13,000 LBP in the farm.

Boutros explained that the reason behind the drop in the price of poultry products is oversupply of chicken in farms, in quantities that exceed the market needs.

The syndicate asked concerned ministries to allow the sector to export part of its production abroad, which brings back balance to the prices, brings fresh dollars, and preserves this vital sector, that can solely secure citizens’ needs from protein.

  • Sawt Beirut International