| 18 July 2024, Thursday |

Preparatory meeting for “Lebanese-French Businessmen Conference” next May

The Secretary General of “The Sunday Cultural Gathering,” Dr. Adnan al-Bakri, and the President of the Lebanese-French Businessmen Association [HALFA] in France, Antoine Mnassah, participated in a work dialogue session titled “Talented Expatriates in Search of Ways to Secure Work for the Younger Generations” in advance of the conference that will be held in Tripoli, Lebanon, in May of next year, where interested individuals

The dialogue session was held at the headquarters of the “Saba Zreik Cultural Foundation” in Tripoli, attended by former MP Misbah al-Ahdab, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli Toufik Dabboussi, Vice President of Beirut Arab University’s Tripoli Branch, Professor Khaled al-Baghdadi, and several other dignitaries.

In his word during the session, Mnassah said: “Our meeting today is the result of a decision taken by young expatriates as a result of the pain they feel towards the conditions experienced by their brothers residing in this country, and also to limit the brain drain and those hardships and sufferings caused by migration across the sea, and how can we extend a helping hand and cooperate with universities to empower residents to stand on their feet and perform useful work for themselves and their families, and we are fully prepared to support them.”

“We are all living those tragedies that we see through the travel of the Tripoli’s citizens across the sea abroad, and the dangers, woes and hardships they incur. Therefore, we saw it a duty to secure for these young people work and professions that contribute to providing a healthy and dignified life for them and their families, and to reduce these unsafe migrations,” he affirmed.

The dialogue session included discussions between the attendees and the lecturers addressing all issues at stake, especially with regards to preparing for the expatriate conference that will be held in May 2024, and its expected positive repercussions on Lebanon and the Lebanese.


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