| 2 December 2022, Friday |

Presidency Information Office: “MTV” Channel’s report on the President’s wealth is groundless

In an issued statement by the Republic Presidency Information Office this afternoon, it categorically denied a report broadcasted via “MTV” Channel last Thursday, “claiming that President Michel Aoun’s wealth is estimated at one billion & 200 million US dollars.”

The statement confirmed that the report content is “false and baseless, and falls within the context of the misleading information broadcasted by MTV Channel from time to time, targeting the Presidency of the Republic and the President,” noting that “this news was not attributed to any source and came in an ambiguous and distorted context.”

The statement continued to indicate that these groundless allegations were previously circulated in 2018 and falsely attributed at that time to “Forbes” magazine. It added that another website entitled, Eliteshared, also posted this information without any proven evidence, “which prompted the General Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic at the time to write to the Minister of Justice on September 17, 2018, requesting the Cassation Public Prosecution to conduct investigations regarding the fabricated news, in preparation for taking procedural, fundamental and legal measures against the fabricators.”

The Presidency statement concluded by stating that “in light of MTV’s broadcasting of the same false news without any verified evidence, then resorting to the judiciary once again becomes an obvious step to put an end to such lies.”

  • NNA