| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Presidency Media Office deplores smear campaign that targeted Aoun

The media Office of the Presidency of the Republic regrets the focused smear campaign that targeted the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, with  false statements about the President’s refusal to receive a delegation of the families of the firefighting regiment martyrs.

In fact, the director of the president’s office, retired Brigadier General Milad Tannous, called the person who requested the appointment , Mrs. Antonella Hitti, to inform her that developments occurred on the president’s appointments that urged delaying the appointment of the families.

The presidency was surprised by an unfair media campaign that proves it was prepared in advance, as evidenced by what was stated in the memo that was to be read before the president and was circulated to the media. We leave the public opinion to judge it.

The President of the Republic, who is following up on the file of the martyrs and victims of the port explosion, confirms his sympathy, and is making every effort to accelerate the release of the truth, determine responsibilities, conduct fair trials and complete compensation, but it is absolutely unacceptable that accusations be brought against The President for responsibility for the explosion, as stated in the released statement, which is more like a list of interrogation questions for that the judicial investigator should ask those who are under interrogation. It is not permissible in any way, or by any party, to distort the facts and open accusations in deference to the souls of the martyrs and victims, and it is for the media to inform the public opinion of the facts.

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic reiterates that the date for receiving the families is set and they will be informed of it.

The presidency calls on the families not to allow anyone to exploit their pain and the just cause of the martyrs to implement other goals.

  • Lebanese National News Agency