| 3 December 2021, Friday |

Presidency of the Republic: Construction of Aoun’s private house began in 2014

Presidency of the Republic’s Media Office indicated that “in the context of the series of lies, fabricated news and fabricated stories that Al-Sharq newspaper continues to publish daily on its pages, it has published today a new lie on its front page, stating that President Michel Aoun is building a palace in the Rabieh area, on a disputed land, amid great secrecy and under a tight security cordon,” the Presidency’s Media Office, in refutation of this new lie, clarifies that the construction of a private house for the President of the Republic began in 2014 and ended in the middle of 2016, that is, before the election of General Michel Aounas a president, and he has not moved to it yet. Therefore, there is no need for “discretion” because the construction is above the ground, and not under it.
It added in a statement, “As for the claim that the land on which the house was built is a “dispute”, is false, as the land was purchased according to the rules, while the security measures taken are normal to guard the house of the President of the Republic.”
The statement indicated that the Presidency of the Republic’s Media Office , as it places these facts at the disposal of public opinion, points out that Al-Sharq newspaper has become specialized in publishing false news, articles and composite images, with the aim of offending the position of the presidency and the person of the president.
And if the presidency has refrained till now from taking legal measures that put an end to the persistence of this newspaper in misleading public opinion, it draws attention to the necessity of caution, and not to take into account the deceptions it publishes, for goals that no longer deceive anyone.”