| 6 February 2023, Monday |

Presidency of the Republic: What Aoun mentioned in his tweet was absolute words

The Information Office of the Presidency of the Republic issued the following statement: “NBN, in the introduction of its news bulletin this afternoon, mentioned offensive words about President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, regarding the tweet published this morning, stating: “Innocent people do not fear justice,” citing a wisdom of Imam Ali.

What the TV station reported in its introduction raises several questions:

-First: Why did those who rushed to respond to the president’s tweet considered himself to be concerned with it? What President Aoun said was an absolute statement that did not target anyone, and it is part of an education that formed Imam Ali’s judgment in the teaching of morality.

Second: The tweet does not have any sectarian connotations, so why try to give sectarian dimensions to a point of view over which there is no religious dispute, which constitutes a suspicious and repetitive persistence in playing on the sectarian chord for goals with clear intentions that do not need explanation.

Third: Why did those who responded to the tweet believe that the intention was to investigate the crime of the Port of Beirut, when there are other pending cases before the judiciary, including, but not limited to, the scenarios of the events of Tayouneh – Ain Al-Remmaneh?

Perhaps the solutions are not difficult to find, because what President Aoun mentioned in his tweet is not half-truth, but the complete truth.

  • Sawt Beirut International