| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Presidency Press Office clarifies truth of what happened with journalist Layal Saad at Presidential Palace today

The Presidency Press Office issued the following statement:

“In clarification of the circumstances which accompanied  what happened today with journalist, Layal Saad, while she was at Baabda Palace, we indicate the following:

-Previously, while Ms. Saad was at the Presidential Palace, she said an offensive word against the President of the Republic, during a dialogue between and other journalists in the palace.

– Subsequently, the management of the “Al-Jadeed” station was asked to replace the media person, Saad, with another representative of the station, to cover presidential news. In addition, other delegates have already been sent over the last period, without any problems.

– Today, Al-Jadeed station management was re-informed that the same measure was continuing in terms of sending a media representative other than Saad, pending treatment of the repercussions of the abuse which resulted from the speech she issued against the President of the Republic.

However, Al-Jadeed insisted on sending the media person Saad to cover the cabinet session today, contrary to what the station management was informed of. Accordingly, the media person Saad was asked to leave the Presidential Palace, pending the treatment of what had previously happened.

The Presidency Press Office, under the direction of the President of the Republic, emphasizes cooperation with all media institutions without exception, and providing all necessary facilities to their media professionals, regretting that the mistake made today by Saad, as a result of a personal behavior which was offensive to the President and the Al-Jadeed station itself. The Press Office regrets that this material has become a material for exploitation, contrary to professional and ethical principles, and portraying what happened as a suppression of media freedom, which the Presidency of the Republic is keen to respect.

  • Sawt Beirut International