| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Presidency press office responds to allegations of president’s interference with judiciary regarding BDL governor

The Presidency Press Office issued the following statement:

“For the second consecutive day, the “Future Movement” continues to spread lies and misinformation about the alleged role of President Michel Aoun in interfering in the work of the judiciary regarding the status of the Central Bank Governor.

Facing this blatant persistence, the Presidency Press Office is concerned in emphasizing the following:

First: The President is not concerned with any action taken by the judiciary or the competent security services.  Consequently, the allegations of the “Future Movement” have retaliatory backgrounds aimed at giving an incendiary character to the position of the Presidency of the Republic and the person of the President, and this is clear through the phrases used in the statements issued by this “Movement” and the declared positions of its officials.

Second: The Presidency of the Republic confirms that no matter how inciting campaigns and false allegations continue, it will not discourage the Presidency from continuing to demand knowledge of the fate of $69 billion that has been lost out of the $86 billion deposited by Lebanese banks in the Central Bank from the total funds of Lebanese depositors and others.

Knowing that what the Lebanese state borrowed in foreign currencies from the Central Bank did not exceed $5 billion, hence the President’s request for a forensic audit to answer this great question that worries the Lebanese at home and abroad.


Third: The systematic campaign of misinformation carried out by the “Future Movement” and those who go along with it aims to obstruct the work of the judiciary to cover up financial crimes committed against the Lebanese people, who have the right to know those responsible for wasting and stealing their money.

Therefore, there will be no retreat from this goal, no matter how intense the pressure and the multiplicity of false statements and blatant allegations from any party.

  • NNA