| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

President addresses ministerial affairs, financing ration card

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed up on ministerial and union affairs, and tackled the issue of the financing card that supports a large segment of needy families.

Minister of Social Affairs:

The President received Minister of Social Affairs, Hector Al-Hajjar, who briefed him on the work of the ministry, especially with regard to the stages that the financing card where 500,000 families had been registered on the “Support” platform, which includes the financing card and the “Aman” program.

Minister Al-Hajjar pointed out that the registration deadline ends at midnight on January 31, when the registration stops and the evaluation begins, which lasts for a month, provided that payment begins on the first of next March for 150,000 families from the poorest families, in US dollars and for one year.

The delegation of the Syndicate of Optical Professions;

President Aoun met a delegation from the Syndicate of Optical Professions headed by Nisreen Al-Ashkar. The delegation thanked the President for issuing a law regulating the visual professions.

In addition, Mrs. Al-Ashkar made the following speech:

“Your Excellency, today, we would like to commend the efforts that you are making, and the wisdom that you have shown in this delicate stage that the country is going through.

As the Syndicate of Optical Professions, we are pleased to express our thanks to your Excellency for all the efforts you have made to approve the law regulating the visual professions that was issued.

We would also like to ask your Excellency to give your instructions to expedite the implementation of the decrees implementing the law that was published in the Official Gazette.

We also hope that Your Excellency will also give your instructions to speed up the issuance of the financial stamp and therefore the permission to practice the profession, which will remove the harm from a large number of specialists and graduates and help them find job opportunities in these difficult circumstances that the country is going through.

Finally, the Syndicate, with all its members, would like to provide all support to our homeland, Lebanon, and we pray to God to give you patience and longsuffering to manage the country’s affairs to overcome this difficult stage.

May God prolong your life and protect you for your people.”

For his part, President Aoun wished the union success in its work to secure the rights of workers in the optical professions, promising to work to achieve the demands mentioned by the Mrs. Achkar in her intervention.

  • NNA