| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

President Aoun addresses military affairs and contributions to current and retired military personnel with Minister Sleem

The Presidency Press Office issued the following statement: “President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, had previously warned against the deliberate procrastination, which is a grave error, which the Central Bank pursues in terms of delivering the required information for forensic audit by Alvarez & Marsal. While forensic audit was approved by an authority with power, namely the Council of Ministers, in a session held on 28/7/2020, which is more than a year and a half ago. In addition, all obstacles to this process were removed by a law approved by the Parliament, to lift secrecy on all BDL accounts.

The Presidency of the Republic hopes that the BDL Governorate doesn’t have something to hide in its accounts, and that the Governorate be motivated to adhere more and more to forensic audit, since the Lebanese people have the right to know how the gap in these accounts arose, private banks stumbled, depositors’ funds were wasted and depositors’ lifetime was robbed.

The President monitors recent attempts to overcome artificial obstacles to dissuade Alvarez & Marsal from starting its work. The President promises the Lebanese, who are witnessing a stifling living crisis, that accountability is coming and a date is set, while his authority is at stake for this purpose, since justice transcends all considerations, especially what may prevent accountability in the Council of Ministers, pursuant to Article 19 from the Monetary and Credit Law.

President Aoun asserts that this destructive approach to our economy, our decent livelihoods and currency, will fall along with its symbols, and that he will never rest before this is achieved”.

The President met National Defense Minister, Maurice Sleem, today at Baabda Palace, and discussed with him latest developments and security affairs.

Minister Sleem briefed President Aoun on his follow-up on the rights of military personnel who are in service or retired, and indicated that the Cabinet agreed to grant social assistance to retirees and active soldiers.

The Cabinet had previously approved a transfer allowance for the military, based on the proposal of Minister Sleem, at a monthly value of 1,200,000 LBP for all military personnel in active service in all military apparatuses.

  • NNA