| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

President Aoun agrees with Premier Mikati to invite American mediator to Beirut to complete border demarcation negotiation, meets MP Atallah and former minister Imad Hoballah

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed up on the developments related to the maritime movements undertaken by the ENERGEAN power liquefied natural gas production unit ship off the disputed maritime border area.

In this context, President Aoun received a phone call from Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, during which they discussed the steps to be taken to confront Israeli attempts to create situations that lead to tension in the border maritime area.

The President agreed with the Prime Minister to call the American mediator on the subject of the negotiations, Ambassador Amos Hochstein, to come to Beirut and discuss completing the negotiations to demarcate the southern maritime borders, which were suspended some time ago, and work to end them as soon as possible.

President Aoun and Premier Mikati also considered that moving the negotiations again would prevent any escalation that would harm stability in the region. It was also agreed on a series of diplomatic steps with the major countries and the United Nations to affirm Lebanon’s position on its maritime rights and wealth.

It is noteworthy that President Aoun had stressed that any exploration, excavation or extraction activities carried out by Israel in the disputed areas constitute an act of aggression that threatens international peace and security.

MP Atallah:

The President received MP Ghassan Atallah and discussed with him general affairs, recent developments in the south, and the steps to be taken at this stage.

Shouf development issues, as well as the upcoming parliamentary deadlines were also discussed.

Former Minister Hoballah:

The President Aoun met former Minister, Imad Hoballah, and discussed with him developments and economic and development issues.


After the meeting, Hoballah made the following statement:

“I was honored to meet with His Excellency, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and we discussed the main issues of concern to the Lebanese, especially at this sensitive stage with the coincidence of important milestones in Lebanese political life.

As usual, there was a great congruence of views here.

We discussed the Israeli attacks in the disputed areas, and the campaigns of extortion in some media and social networking sites. We also discussed the situation on the maritime borders,the disputed area, and Lebanon’s official position.

In this context, His Excellency the President emphasized that Lebanon is not weak and has the right and owns enough strength to protect borders and rights, and the enemy knows the meaning of this.

The President stressed that he will take the necessary steps with the Prime Minister and the ministers to deter the Israeli enemy and to protect Lebanon’s rights, especially in the maritime borders, which secures its full sovereignty over its land sky, water, gas and oil, according to the legal bases, and the move will include the United Nations and the international community.

We also discussed the fight against corruption and the need to complete work on this file, whatever the costs. We tackled the social, financial and economic suffering of the Lebanese, the necessity of securing an economic plan for a productive economy on which any recovery plan depends, and the need to protect the rights of depositors, which His Excellency the President considers a priority before distributing losses.

We also addressed the necessity of naming a prime minister who is familiar with economic and financial affairs and works to extricate Lebanon from the crises that Lebanon is going through.

One of the new government’s responsibilities is to put the economic, financial and social plan first. The new cabinet also has the responsibility to bring together the Lebanese officials (and all the Lebanese) on the basis of what they agree on in a unified development work, away from tensions and external dictates and from the matters that divide the Lebanese.

I wished the President success in his endeavors in the coming months for the good of Lebanon”.

  • NNA