| 6 July 2022, Wednesday |

President Aoun calls for establishment of megacenter to facilitate voting process

The President also emphasized the need to establish a megacenter to facilitate the voting process in the upcoming parliamentary elections, in light of the current financial hardship “Which may prevent many from reaching their areas to vote, which leads to the election of a parliament with a very low voter turnout”.

Concerning the existing obstruction of the government’s work in light of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, President Aoun pointed out that the committees responsible for preparing files and negotiating are still doing their work, but “The Cabinet does not live only through committees, and it must return to meeting quickly to achieve practical and serious steps that relieve citizens, and to complete the agreement with the International Monetary Fund”.

Regarding ongoing investigations into the explosion in the port of Beirut, the President stressed the independence of the judiciary in this regard, and the need for politicians not to interfere in its course.

Positions of the President came while receiving the new Patriarch of the Armenian Catholic House of Cilicia, Raphael Minassian, today at Baabda Palace.

The Armenian Patriarch was accompanied by a delegation of bishops and fathers, in a visit of thanks.

President Aoun also congratulated Patriarch Minassian on his inauguration, wishing him success in his new ecclesiastical responsibilities.

For his side, Patriarch Minassian thanked President Aoun for his kind gesture, hoping that God would help him at this stage to carry out his responsibilities, bring hearts closer and awaken the consciences of all officials, to cross Lebanon to the shore of safety.

Minassian also stressed that members of the Armenian Catholic community in Lebanon are always ready to serve their country, in a way that enhances the unity of the people and builds the state.

  • Sawt Beirut International