| 24 May 2024, Friday |

President Aoun: Expression of opinion is secured for all, provided that it does not turn into chaos and riots

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, pointed out that “What happened in the past few days in front of the gas stations is unacceptable, and the humiliation of citizens is also unacceptable under any consideration. All those concerned, including administrators and security, should work to prevent the recurrence of these practices, especially since a new schedule for the installation of fuel prices was issued today which would ease the impact of the crisis”.

The President also stressed that “Expression of opinion is secured for everyone so that it does not turn into chaos and riots”, noting that road blocking practices have caused great suffering for citizens in addition to what they suffer from as a result of the difficult financial and economic conditions in the country.

“Security apparatuses should not be lenient in dealing with these practices in order to preserve the safety of citizens and public stability, and to protect public and private properties” President Aoun added.

After reviewing the report prepared by the General Directorate of Customs on the status and safety of oil depots on the Lebanese coast, President Aoun called for taking the necessary measures to ensure that they comply with the conditions of public health and safety.

For his part, Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab clarified that he understands the situation of the soldier, who is asked to confront those who raise slogans of objection to the living, social and financial conditions. Premier Diab also stated that there is a difference between objection and assault on people, their property and livelihood, and what is happening distorts people’s cry, and wastes their rights.

“Today, we are primarily concerned with addressing this destructive chaos, which increases crises and pressures on the country and on the Lebanese” PM Diab said.

Stances of President Aoun and Prime Minister Diab came during the meeting of the Supreme Defense Council, which was held at 1:00 pm in the Baabda Palace, headed by President Aoun and attended by PM Diab and ministers of: Finance Ghazi Wazny, Interior and Municipalities, Mohamed Fahmy, Economy and Trade Raoul Nehme, Public Works and Transport Michel Najjar, Raymond Ghajar, Energy and Water, and Public Health Hamad Hassan.


  • NNA