| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

President Aoun: Failure of every economic recovery plan means that the corrupt system fears accountability

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, affirmed that “Failure of every plan for financial and economic recovery or its failure to establish it at all means one thing, which is that the corrupt system that still controls the country and the people fears accountability, because any recovery plan stems from three main pillars:

1- Identifying and distributing losses.

2- Defining responsibilities and accountability.

3- Determining treatment methods.

While meeting a youth delegation at Baabda Palace, President Aoun indicated that the failure to determine the financial losses and their distribution between the central bank, banks and the state led to two serious matters:

1- Ignoring those responsible for the financial ruin of the country.

2- The Lebanese people are currently solely responsible for the financial collapse, and their deposits are being depleted, while the Lebanese people are the victim and not the perpetrator, and no one, no matter how high they are, can hold the entire people responsible for their wrong, destructive and corrupt policies”.

“The people must know who humiliates them daily to obtain their most basic rights and prevents them from freely disposing of their money in banks and assets. Every popular revolution must aim in this direction: identifying and distributing losses, defining responsibilities, holding officials accountable, finding solutions at the expense of those who caused the financial disaster, and did not burden the people directly and alone with the burden of the crisis” the President added.

The President concluded his speech by saying: “My people are stolen and looted daily! Words must be said and action must be done!”

  • NNA