| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

President Aoun meets armed forces veterans’ delegation, former minister Akar, former MP Azar, congratulates new Iraqi president

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that “Those who contributed to the destruction of Lebanon cannot be able to save it, and that those who put obstacles in the way of fighting corruption and achieving reform cannot be trusted in the stage of reviving the country. Therefore, it is necessary to bring about the change that the Lebanese yearn for”.

The President’s positions came while meeting a delegation from the Association of Veterans of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The delegation was headed by Major General Nicolas Mezher, and Generals: Elias Bou Habib, George Salameh, Marwan Al Bitar, Jamal Obeid, Bassam Oweidat, Elias Younes and Boutros Noun, and the first qualified Joseph Nassour, Antoine Bou Habib and Samih Saqr.

Major General Mezher gave a speech on behalf of the delegation in which he thanked President Aoun for his patriotic stances and congratulated him for agreeing to demarcate the southern maritime borders, expressing the gratitude of the members of the Association for President Aoun’s support for their just demands for compensation and allowances allocated to them throughout the years of his term.

“We form the auxiliary army for all armed forces and the shield of legitimacy, and as you have always said, Mr. President, the proverb “As long as the father is the captain of the ship, do not fear that it will drown” Mezher said.

For his side, President Aoun thanked the members of the delegation for their affection, expressing his pleasure meeting them.

“Because I am the son of the military establishment, in which I learned and taught. During the war, we defended the values ​​in which we believed: freedom, sovereignty and independence, despite the inequality of the elements of power because right is the strongest, and rights are never lost when there are who demand for it” the President said.

President Aoun continued “There is no permanent war, and the war must end, any war, in order to continue the path that brought me to the presidency. The calamities appeared in my face, whether in terms of closing the borders, or the bankruptcy of the treasury. After investigation, the perpetrators appeared and were referred to the court, but the judiciary has been reluctant to do its duty, and the judges have refrained from deciding the issues. Lebanon cannot be saved with those who contributed to its destruction, change must be made. Among the problems was also the inability to reach a specific understanding in the issues of oil and gas, but we reached an agreement through the United Nations and mediation.  It was a gift to the Lebanese before the end of my presidential term. It is the only way to get Lebanon out of the abyss into which it has been thrown”.

Former Minister Akar:

The President met former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Zein Akar.

Current conditions and recent developments, especially the demarcation of the southern maritime borders were deliberated in the meeting.

Former MP Azar:

The President met former MP Roger Azar, who congratulated him on the conclusion of the indirect negotiations to demarcate the southern maritime borders, and discussed with him general affairs.

Congratulations to the Iraqi President

President Aoun congratulated the new Iraqi President Abdel Latif Rashid, on his election and wished him success in his duties.


“Lebanon has the deepest fraternal feelings for your people, and preserves great gratitude for your country’s standing by its side in the various stages and circumstances it has gone through.

In this context, we will not forget the support you have given us in the recent period, to alleviate the electricity problem in Lebanon.

I am confident that you will continue to follow this approach of cooperation and collaboration between our two countries, and that the this is motivation to work to unite the ranks of our children to overcome all the challenges we face, and it will soon yield good and development for Lebanon and Iraq”.

  • NNA