| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

President Aoun meets “Fatah” Movement Central Committee Delegation

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met a delegation from the Central Committee of Fatah, headed by the Secretary-General of the Committee, Lieutenant-General Jibril Rajoub.

Rajoub was accompanied by members of the Committee, Messrs. Rawhi Fattouh, Ahmed Helles, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Lebanon Ashraf Dabour, and the Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Syria, Samir Al-Rifai, and Dr. Fathi Abu Al-Aradat.

At the beginning of the meeting, Rajoub said that he was carrying a message to President Aoun and the Lebanese people, which stresses that the Palestinian presence in Lebanon was and will remain an element of stability. Rajoub also expressed the gratitude of the Palestinian people for the hospitality they receive in Lebanon.

Rajoub also briefed President Aoun on the developments of the situation in Palestine, and the leadership’s endeavor to strengthen Palestinian national unity in the face of the Israeli occupation, and to activate the peaceful popular resistance in its various political, social and geographical aspects.

Moreover, Rajoub stressed that the Palestinian leadership is working on three different tracks to restore the rights of the Palestinian people, which are the path of international organizations and the United Nations, the path of achieving Palestinian national unity, and the path of developing popular resistance.

For his side, President Aoun responded to Rajoub, appreciating the Palestinian leadership’s efforts to promote unity among the one Palestinian people, and stressed Lebanon’s permanent support for the Palestinian people’s cause and their legitimate rights, most notably the right of return for the Palestinians of the diaspora, and its right to establish its independent state.

In addition, the President pointed out that he always carried the Palestinian cause in the positions he took in international and regional forums, and he was and will continue to believe in the justice of this cause and the necessity of the Palestinian people to live in peace in their independent state.

  • NNA