| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

President Aoun meets female soldiers of republican guard brigade on International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, and in appreciation of the President Michel Aoun, for the efforts and role of female soldiers in accomplishing their required tasks, the President received the Commander of the Republican Guard Brigade, Brigadier General Bassam El Helou, at the head of a delegation of women personnel in the brigade.

Brigadier General Helou gave a speech on behalf of the delegation, in which he said:

“Mr. President, we would like to meet with you on the occasion of International Women’s Day. We thank you for being the first to introduce women to the military establishment during your tenure as prime minister in 1989.

These female soldiers are the elite members of the Lebanese army, and they work in all departments of the Republican Guard Brigade and the General Directorate of the Presidency and were distinguished by their activism and dedication to work.

There is no doubt that their role in the job is important, just as their role in society as sisters, wives and mothers. In general, women are half of society, but in reality they are the whole society.

We wish you, on this occasion, good health and a long life, and we all believe in your right vision in building the nation”.

The President welcomed the delegation, and expressed his happiness for welcoming female soldiers.

President Aoun pointed out that he sees in these women, the fruit of an effort he has made in order for women to enter this military institution, after it was impossible in the past.

“The number of women in the army is steadily increasing, especially in light of a patriarchal society that was not ready to be convinced of the capabilities of women to enter a battle that was reserved for men. A lot of things must also be accomplished in order for women to enjoy full rights just like men. Today, women are engaged in various jobs. In society, women are doctors, scientists, and judges… But today the woman lacks one field in which she has not yet attained her full rights, which is the political field and her representation in the Parliament, so we strive to achieve this,” President Aoun said.

“There is no doubt that you are in the most difficult situation, and you give a living example of women’s activism, in addition to the fact that women are the mother and responsible for raising the family and give their character in this field more than men,” the President added.

“I renew my congratulations on this special occasion for woman who have not yet attained their rights. This occasion is a permanent memory to prove the ability and competence of women in society.

Long live the army, long live Lebanon”.

  • NNA