| 3 October 2023, Tuesday |

President Aoun meets honorary consular corps

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, hoped that the new year would be the beginning of Lebanon’s revival from the successive crises it had witnessed, and that Lebanon would be stronger than it was before, “Because it is a country worthy of life”.

The President stressed that he will make all efforts to achieve this goal.

In addition, President Aoun affirmed that work is underway, especially with the Cabinet, in order to complete the expected recovery plan, wishing everyone cooperation for the benefit of the Lebanese people, who can no longer tolerate more life complications.

Positions of President Aoun came while meeting the members of the consular corps, on the traditional annual visit to exchange greetings with the advent of the new year.

The Dean of the Consular Corps, Joseph Habees, thanked President Aoun for receiving him and the members of the corps, expressing his happiness for the return of the meeting after a forced break last year.

Consul Habees said: “Today, as an honorary consular corps in Lebanon, we are pleased to return to the custom that we loved, which is to meet you with the advent of the glorious holidays, to wish you continued health and wellness, after the tragic health conditions experienced by Lebanon and the whole world last year, breaking the tradition of not meeting.

He added: “Our visit today is also to renew our confidence in your vision, wisdom, and determination to bring Lebanon out of the raging crises and difficulties, which are the worst in its modern history. The challenges are unfortunately great and increasing. As consuls, we have accompanied the dire consequences, and we have always been a link between the countries we represent and Lebanon, which we carry in our heart and mind, to do everything necessary to alleviate the tragedies and suffering of the Lebanese people.”

Habees added: “For the truth, the countries that we represent have not been late in providing humanitarian, social and medical aid and donations, and we have been able to play our role in coordinating and assisting as events unfold, especially after the painful explosion in the port of Beirut and the human and material losses that Lebanon continues to suffer from it until today. As you know President, the honorary consular corps includes businessmen and economists who have large institutions comprising thousands of administrators and employees, united and determined to confront the financial and economic crisis that Lebanon is going through. They continue to preserve Lebanese institutions and workers, out of their belief in their country and people and in support of the national economy in this hard time.”

For his part, President Aoun welcomed the members of the consular corps in Lebanon, in the annual tradition followed, and wished them a year of peace, goodness and success for them and the countries they represent.

The President said: “We hope that the new year will be much better than the difficult years we went through. You were the best helper for Lebanon, especially in the disasters that afflicted it. You rose to save Lebanon, especially after the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut, and you had white hands in healing the wounds of our capital”.

“I cannot but also renew my thanks to the countries you represent, for their assistance to Lebanon, especially since it has known not a single crisis, but rather an accumulation of crises that brought it to this situation, and I have always warned of its consequences. We hope that this assistance will continue to Lebanon” President Aoun said.


  • NNA