| 4 March 2024, Monday |

President Aoun meets Iranian Minister of Culture: The success of Vienna negotiations is a sign of peace for the whole region

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted the importance of peace between peoples, “Which guarantees them comfort and a happy life”. The President also expressed his hope for the success of Vienna negotiations “As a sign not only for Iran, but for the whole region”.

Positions of the President came while meeting Iranian Culture and Islamic Guidance Minister, Mohammed Mahdi Ismaili, in the presence of Lebanese Culture Minister, Judge Mohammed Wissam Mortada.

Minister Ismaili is visiting Lebanon at the head of a delegation to open the “Iran Cultural Week in Lebanon”. The delegation was accompanied by the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammed Jalal Firouzania.

At the beginning, Minister Ismaili thanked President Aoun for receiving him, and conveyed the greetings of the Iranian President, Ibrahim Raaisi, and his wishes for good health. Minister Ismaili emphasized that Iran “Looks with much appreciation at the principled, pivotal and firm positions of President Aoun. These positions gave the Lebanese Republic this unique position”.

“Throughout your political career, you exerted all your strength to preserve the unity of Lebanon’s government and people. And you were able to crown your career with success” Minister Ismaili indicated.

Moreover, Ismaili affirmed that the new Iranian Government has an open and constructive foreign policy based on establishing the best bridges of trust, convergence and dialogue with the countries of the region in general and the friendly and brotherly countries in specific. The Iranian Minister also expressed his belief that strengthening the bonds of cooperation and constructive convergence between the countries of the region secures security and stability on one hand and also enriches it and keeps it away from the interference of foreign countries on the other.

Minister Ismaili then presented the impact of the sanctions imposed on Iran; Ismaili referred to the successes which Iran had achieved, especially in confronting its effects and in combating the Corona epidemic, stating that the Vienna talks are proceeding positively, which could help in reaching a positive and constructive agreement.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran insists that the agreement be fair, just, final, permanent and continuous in a way that ensures that it will not be cancelled with the change of political administrations and governance in the United States, which will reflect positively on all the countries and peoples of the region” Ismaili continued.

Finally, Minister Ismaili emphasized that his visit today indicates Iran’s intention to strengthen brotherly relations with Lebanon in all fields, especially artistically, culturally and intellectually. “There are artistic, musical and cultural groups that will introduce the Lebanese people to the latest artistic and cultural products in Iran”.

Ismaili stressed that the Iranians extend a hand of convergence and cooperation with Lebanon and are fully prepared to strengthen and consolidate bilateral relations in all fields, especially in light of the advanced capabilities of the Islamic Republic in the fields of artistic and cultural productions, which it can put at Lebanon’s disposal.

The Iranian Minister expressed his country’s readiness to initiate a series of joint productions, whether in the field of cinema, publishing houses, or in the fields of art and music, hoping that in the near future Iran would be able to host the Lebanese cultural week in the capital, Tehran, or in one of the major Iranian cities, “So that the Iranian people would be able to learn about cultural innovations in Lebanese art”.

For his part, the President welcomed the delegation, and expressed Lebanon’s appreciation for Iran, “Which was able to face the difficult circumstances it went through and was able, despite the sanctions and boycotts imposed on it, to develop its industries without stinging its people with anything, or exploiting those circumstances to record creativity in many fields”.

President Aoun also stressed Lebanon’s desire to maintain the best relations with Iran, pointing to his follow-up to the details of the talks in Vienna. President Aoun expressed his hope for the success of negotiations as “A sign of peace not only for Iran, but for the entire region in a way that guarantees the comfort of its peoples and their happy life”.

In conclusion, President Aoun expressed his hope that “Lebanon will be able to get out of the current economic crisis soon”, and conveyed Minister Ismaili his greetings to the Iranian President,Ibrahim Raaisi.

  • NNA