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President Aoun meets new executive council of the the syndicate of informatics and technology

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, asserted that the completion of the demarcation of southern maritime borders will enable Lebanon to launch the process of exploration for oil and gas in the specified fields within the exclusive economic zone, which will give the Lebanese economy a positive impetus to start emerging from the crisis that it has been under for years.

President Aoun also pointed out that the contacts to complete the demarcation file have gone a long way in which Lebanon has achieved what makes it able to invest its wealth in its waters, and that there are technical details that are currently being studied for the interest of Lebanon, its rights and sovereignty.

President Aoun’s positions came while meeting the new executive council of the Informatics and Technology Syndicate in Lebanon headed by Mr. George Joseph Ghostine El Khoury.

The meeting was also attended by MPs Nicolas Sehnaoui and Ghassan Atallah,

Mr. Khoury thanked President Aoun for the support he provided to the Syndicate four years after the issuance of its founding decree, and then electing its new council two months ago.

Mr. Khoury also indicated that the Syndicate is working to develop a serious and effective action plan, and it puts its expertise and technical capabilities at the disposal of the Lebanese state to help when needed, pointing to the Syndicate’s endeavor to establish a “lobby” to support and develop the sector and help it establish relations with foreign parties to support workers in the information and technology sector in Lebanon, with the aim of keeping them away from thinking about immigration, within the framework of alleviating the brain drain in Lebanon.

Mr. Khoury also called for inviting members of the union to participate in the activities related to the information and technology sector within the parliament and the government, and to involve it in all decisions related to digital transformation and governance, as well as support and assistance to propose new bills and move them within the parliament as projects related to integrated education in official and private universities and schools, in addition to supporting the professional sector in Lebanon, and support in the study and development of the Internet sector in Lebanon in terms of quality and prices.

For his part, President Aoun wished the new council of the union success in their new responsibilities, pointing out that the e-government project is one of the most prominent projects he mentioned in the oath’s speech and sought to achieve since the beginning of the era.

“Sophisticated steps have been taken in the field of automation of a number of public administrations and institutions, to enable citizens to complete their transactions without burdening them with the hardship of moving to official centers and other obstacles they encounter” the President said.

In addition, President Aoun clarified that several projects to develop the administration and achieve governance collided with the harsh conditions that the country went through, in addition to the delay in the work of the procedural, legislative and judicial authorities, and the emergence of artificial obstacles, which further complicated matters, in addition to several mistakes committed in the exercise of some officials’ work.

On the other hand, he President reiterated that the forensic audit in the accounts of the Banque du Liban is ongoing, and the first phase of it is scheduled to end before the end of this month.

Finally, President Aoun wished his successor in the presidency to complete the implementation of the projects that have begun and those that have been faltered, and is particularly keen to proceed with the process of combating corruption and holding perpetrators accountable, who bear great responsibility for the state of affairs in the country.

The delegation of the new Executive Council of the Syndicate of Information and Technology in Lebanon, in addition to Captain Al-Khoury, included: Vice President Mark Osta, Secretary Najib Abu Shedid, Deputy Secretary Ali Ahmed, Treasurer Tony Abi Rashed, Deputy Treasurer Hassan Taher, representative of the Regulatory Authority Abed Bou Sarkis, Representative of the Board of Trustees Tanios Kayrouz, Public Relations Officer Maya Zughaib, Cyber ​​Security Officer Rony Chahoud, Professional Development and Training Officer Tarek Pasha, Educational Affairs and Digital Transformation Officer Joseph Nakhleh.

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