| 27 May 2024, Monday |

President Aoun mourns head of Supreme Islamic Shiite Council

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, mourned on Saturday the head of the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, late Imam Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, “Who we knew was nothing but a preacher of harmony, solidarity and unity. A man who spent his life as a preacher and fighter for the sake of laying the foundations of a common life based on the values of national authenticity and tolerance”.

“He gained respect for his personality and support for his role among the Lebanese. He was always seeking to confirm the unity of the class, to rise above small matters, and to build bridges of convergence,” President Aoun said.

“The late great man was overshadowed by His Eminence, Imam Sayyid Musa al-Sadr, and he was a representative of the late Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din, so he completed with the same glow the line which he devoted in carrying the banner of the weak to be among them, and for them at the highest levels of national giving, with truth, equality and virtues,” the President added.

“Today, as he moves next to the Lord, we all feel the need to draw inspiration from his great legacy to lead Lebanon and its people to safety, at this very delicate stage, so we face the challenges together, with what he established in the souls of those who knew him and studied at his hands and benefited from the vastness of his knowledge, a model of exertion, of effort and sacrifices, until the last breath,” President Aoun continued.

“As we extend our deepest condolences to the Supreme Islamic Shiite Council, Parliament Speaker, Nabih Berri, and members of the family of the deceased, especially his son, excellent Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, as well as for the members of the dear Shiite community and all the Lebanese, we share the pain of his absence, asking God to have mercy on his soul,” President Aoun concluded.

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