| 26 November 2022, Saturday |

President Aoun on Judiciary Martyrs Day: Confidence in the judiciary must not be shaken

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, saluted the memory of the martyrs of the Lebanese judiciary on this day, which he declared a day for the martyrs of the judiciary in year 2018 during his inauguration of the judicial year.

The President considered that confidence in the judiciary should not be shaken for any reason, “Which requires the judicial body to stay away from politics, to focus on achieving justice and not to rely on pressure from any party, because when the balance of justice is imbalanced, the rights of litigants are lost and the law of the jungle prevails”.

“Perhaps the abuses we are witnessing today are the best evidence of the danger of questioning the judicial work through practices that do not preserve the right or its defenders, and the victims of such a situation are many” President Aoun said.

On the other hand, President Aoun expressed his appreciation for the sacrifices of judges who work in difficult conditions.

Foreign Minister:

The President met Foreign Affairs Minister, Abdullah Bou Habib, today at Baabda Palace.

Minister Bou Habib briefed President Aoun on the on-going contacts in addressing the issue of maritime movements carried out by the ship of the liquefied natural gas production unit ENERGEAN POWER off the disputed maritime border area.

The Foreign minister also indicated that diplomatic contacts are underway to address the situation that has arisen in the southern border region, pending the arrival of the American mediator in the indirect negotiations to demarcate the maritime borders, Ambassador Amos Hochstein to Lebanon.

MP Dergham:

President Aoun received MP Assad Dergham and addressed with him current affairs after the completion of the election and the ensuing entitlements. 

Developmental needs of Akkar were also tackled, where MP Dergham demanded the need to pay attention to the flabby road network in the region, which needs maintenance and a review of its distribution, as well as the effects of the need to complete the construction of the military hospital in Akkar due to its importance for the people of the region.

MP Boustany:

The President met MP, Nada Boustany, and discussed Kesrouan-Jbeil developmental needs, especially projects that need to be completed.

Former Minister Akar:

President Aoun met former Deputy Premier and National Defense Minister, Mrs. Zeina Akar.

Current political developments and the post-election stage, were deliberated in the meeting.

  • NNA