| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

President Aoun receives cable from his french counterpart

President of France, Emmanuel Macron, asserted that “France adheres to the brotherly ties it has with Lebanon and the Lebanese”.

President Macron’s statement came in a telegram of thanks addressed to President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in response to the congratulatory cable which President Aoun has sent to his French counterpart on the occasion of re-electing him as French President.


“Your Excellency, and my dear friend, I received your congratulatory cable with great emotion. As you know, France is distinguished in a special way by the brotherly ties it has with Lebanon and the Lebanese”.

President Macron also expressed appreciation and friendship towards President Aoun.

Former MP Maalouf:

The President met former MP, Cesar Maalouf, today at Baabda Palace.

President Aoun addressed general developments and Bekaa affairs, in addition to the conditions of displaced Syrians and current socio-economic affairs.

Mrs. Joumblat & Beiteddine Festival Committee:
President Aoun received Head of the Beiteddine Festival Committee, Mrs. Noura Joumblat.

Mrs. Joumblat was accompanied by a delegation including: Andra Daouk, Hala Shaheen, Safaa Saidi, and Lina Taner.

Mrs. Joumblat invited the President and the first Lebanese, Mrs. Nadia Shami Aoun, to attend the opening of the Beiteddine Festivals for this year. Mrs. Joumblat also briefed President Aoun on the program of the festivals’ concerts on July 13, 15, 16 and 17.

Mrs. Joumblat revealed that this year’s program will include exhibitions in the halls of the Beiteddine Palace on the contents of the palace, and sculptures of the Basbous brothers and pictures of the Lebanese nature and others from the current reality.

The first night, on July 13, will be performed by Les Cordes Re̕sonnantes, which will perform classical plays by great composers, and the second night, on July 15, will include a Tarab evening with artist Daline Jabbour and the Oriental Takht.

Festivals will conclude with Guy Manoukian and his band on July 16 and 17.

Finally, Mrs. Joumblat indicated that entry to festival nights will be free for all, pointing out that the aim of holding festivals this year, despite the difficult circumstances the country is going through, is to emphasize the culture of life and the presence of fine Lebanese art because all the participating teams are Lebanese.

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